First Date Ideas

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  • LongJohnGiggidy ( 30 / C / Marietta, GA )

    Whatever she likes....Let's have fun!

  • wvmcd93 ( 22 / C / Williamsport, MD )

    It would depend on the day and the mood, it could vary from a movie and dinner to a drive to the overlook on the mountain and laying out to watch the stars. or hanging out at the house drinking a few.

  • shanetheshane ( 21 / C / Spring, TX )

    I just want to make love with an older woman, who can take me on a sexual journey

  • skylineec2 ( 27 / C / Irving, TX )

    An outing to six flags is one of my favorites as it is symbolic of things to come. Later we would be at a food truck ordering your favorite crepes!! We then walk by a river or through a park with hands held. Then we cras...  read more>>

  • drewvero ( 18 / C / Anaheim, CA )

    i will be spontaneous and creative to fit your desires

  • Kjohnson1991 ( 24 / C / Lowell, IN )

    Maybe a movie dinner and the bar? I dont know.

  • mattszabo ( 27 / C / Boynton Beach, FL )

    Anywhere chill and laid back. Im not really into the whole loud night club thing anymore maybe here and there.

  • bryan001 ( 18 / C / Miami, FL )

    Anything you wanna do, ill do too.

  • Gkrevle ( 21 / C / San Francisco, CA )

    Some wine, music, yoga/stretching while chatting, and then some snuggling. See where it goes from there

  • nemo_04 ( 20 / C / Terre Haute, IN )

    Fun Spontaneous Can't be shy

  • mcdonald56 ( 21 / C / Brooklyn, NY )

    Hey, I'm not a high maintenance person so the setting isn't a deal-breaker. Aslong as the person I am with is charismatic and able to converse about more than just what's in front of us our date will be perfect in my eye...  read more>>

  • ben_louie ( 19 / C / Brighton, England - Sussex )

    Just wait and find out and I'm sure you will love it as much as I would

  • blackmajic ( 24 / C / bundaberg, Queensland )

    First date hmmm I don't know I would like the whole nine yards the flowers dinner walk on the beach a coffee or something. Oh wait hahaha this is what I would do for the right person hahaha :P got ya

  • Bigname33 ( 34 / C / Callahan, FL )

    Go to the beach depending on the weather or go bowling

  • santo9851 ( 29 / C / gold coast, Australian Capital Territory )

    No idea :) both parties can decide together after chatting

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