First Date Ideas

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  • SimbaLion ( 20 / C / London, England - London )

    Invite me round, show me the ropes, cuddle, kick me out

  • Matlock48 ( 19 / C / Lenoir City, TN )

    I love hanging out and doing anything

  • Jake1996_ ( 19 / C / Houston, TX )

    Whatever you feel like doing. I am all for it, there I must say walking in the city at night sight seeing is rather romantic in some cases.

  • Auralaflame ( 56 / C / Chesapeake, VA )

    I think a nice stroll through my cranberry garden while sipping a find Chardonnay would be nice. Then we can eat cheese and talk about current topics. Then I'll take you to my room and we will look at Denzel movies becau...  read more>>

  • montyMonty ( 27 / C / Atlanta, GA )

    Rent bikes and stroll the belt line. Stop for smoothies and lunch. Then hit the bar for dinner and drinks!

  • super_fly ( 27 / C / United Kingdom )

    MUST BE SPECIAL 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • joshbupnyou ( 30 / C / Dubach, LA )

    Just want to fuck and then if things go good enough for us we will talk later about friendship

  • greeneyedman4u ( 36 / C / Hillview, IL )

    You tell me what you want, I only wish to make you happy!

  • JB4youOnly ( 29 / C / Atlanta, GA )

    U can never have the perfect first date until you actually go on it! Just be nice and outgoing!!!

  • Letsgetitin88 ( 36 / C / Baltimore, MD )

    We meet we speak and find out what we each want from each and if we on the same page then we know what to do from there

  • 6BadCo ( 40 / C / Broken Arrow, OK )

    Up to the high country to enjoy counting the stars after a horseback ride only fit for two.... And if the weather isn't in favor a quiet evening with a few small appetizers and drinks.... Just sharing the time learning a...  read more>>

  • Stllsu ( 33 / C / Dublin, GA )

    Spontaneous is better. Why plan around someone I havnt met

  • mrmiller713 ( 31 / C / Indianapolis, IN )

    Somewhere private and quiet to get to know each other better.

  • wyteboi210 ( 27 / C / San Antonio, TX )

    First date would be hanging out together anywhere she wants to be even if it's my place with a few drinks & a movie playing or some music just to see how compatible we are even if it just ends up being a casual hookup ;)

  • dgkody ( 36 / C / Mount Pleasant, IA )

    Sexually attracted to older women not wanting relationship.

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